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Custom Domains - are they worth it?

Most link shorteners offer the option to add or buy a custom domain to use with your shortened links. They allow you to brand your links as your own, but are they worth it? In today’s post we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of using a custom domain with your link shotener.

Build Trust

When browsing social media sites, blog posts, and other websites, you’ll see lots of shortened links. Personally, I’m sometimes reluctant to click on a link if it’s made with a generic link shortener, because there’s no way to know where it leads before clicking on it.

However, when a link has a custom domain, it lets people know that the company created the link. So as long as you trust the company, you can trust the link.

Get More Clicks

The number varies from different sources, but everyone seems to agree that using a custom domain gives your link a higher click though rate. In an era where businesses are fighting for every bit of customers’ attention, any increase in clicks is a huge boost!


When using a custom domain, you can make your links fit your brand image. You can often find a domain that has some version of your brand name or a related word or phrase. When someone sees one of your links, they’ll immediately associate it with your company.

How to set up a custom domain

Most link shorteners give you an option to use one or two custom domains, but you sometimes have to pay extra or upgrade to a higher tier account. With Jelly URL, you can connect as many domains as you want with your account through the simple set up process. You can buy your domain wherever you want, including sites that offer some domains for under $1 (namecheap is a great option when you’re starting out!)

Other link shorteners allow you to buy a domain name from them, but I would steer clear of that option. It gives them complete control of the domain, and if you want to switch companies later or have your domain point somewhere else, it might be a hassle to transfer the domain name away from their site.

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