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Make Your Meetings Effortless

Have you ever struggled to find the link for your meeting? Or have you had to host a meeting, and people kept asking you for the link (even though you already sent it to everyone)? Scheduling a virtual meeting can be difficult at times, but your life can be a lot easier with a link shortener like Jelly URL.

If Zoom stops working 5 minutes before your meeting, how do you make sure everyone gets a new link before the meeting starts? What if someone else is hosting the meeting this week, and they have a different meeting link?

With a link shortener, you can create one link for your meeting and change the destination as needed. With Jelly URL, you can even schedule a change in advance - if you have a new link for next week’s meeting, you can schedule it to change next week and keep the same link for this week.

Let People View the Meeting When it Ends

If you’re planning on making a replay of the meeting available after it’s over, you can make it effortless for participants to find that replay. Just set up your meeting link to redirect to the replay once the meeting ends. If later you decide you want to keep the meeting recording private, you can just change the destination of the link to something else. By using a shortened link, you’re in complete control.

Give it a Try

You can start a free trial of Jelly URL and try using a shortened link for your next meeting! We think you’ll love it, but if you don’t, you’re not out anything.

What are you waiting for? Take your meeting to the next level with a link shortening service, and remove the hassle of scheduling and coordinating your meeting.

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